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Audit Firm «Rada Ltd»

Audit firm «Rada Ltd» has been established in 1996 by the professional team of like - minded persons (Certificate of state registration AOO No. 039318 issued on 28.05.1996 by Pecherska District State Administration in Kyiv).

During 23 years of working experience at the market of audit and consulting services, we have provided services for some national and international companies, small and mid - sized business companies, government institutions.

Today we cooperate with our first clients, enlarge our client base to the large industrial enterprises, holdings and banks, insurance companies, commercial companies, investment companies and other institutions at the stock market, service rendering enterprises and representative offices of the nonresident companies of Ukraine etc.

During 23 years of successful work, number of our clients has exceeded 300 companies. Today we service about 80 enterprises and organizations of real and financial sectors.

Sectoral specialization of our clients includes the following fields:

• Insurance

• Investment activities

• Trade and services

• Construction and development

• Noncommercial activities: nonprofit public organizations, representative offices

Professional achievements of Audit firm «Rada Ltd», primarily, are due to high professional staff of the company. Our employees are professional auditors, bookkeepers, consultants and experts. Certified auditors hold required certificates issued by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine of A and B series, registration certificates of the auditors’ registers entitled to audit financial institutions. One of the managing partners of the company holds degree in IFR, International Standards of financial accounting.

Our firm audits according to the International standards of quality control, audit, inspection, other confidence support and related services (MCA) as compulsory services for the subjects of audit activities in Ukraine under resolution of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine dated 08.06.2018, No. 361, being effective from July 01, 2018.

Competitive advantages of Audit firm «Rada Ltd»:

• 23-year best practice and methodological developments for service providing;

• Many years’ practical experience of the specialists of the company in audit, bookkeeping and tax accounting, consulting of real and financial sectors of Ukraine;

• Dynamic young professional team of the auditors, bookkeepers and consultants;

• Individual and integrated approach to fulfillment of each project;

• Significant partner relations and mutual cooperation with the colleagues of business community of financial, economic and industrial fields.

Active audit practice at Ukrainian market, intimate knowledge of operation particulars and conditions

of the enterprises, competence of our employees ensure full range of audit and consulting services.

Membership in professional organizations and associations:

• the member of Auditors Union of Ukraine;

• the member of the Council of Independent Bookkeepers and Auditors of Ukraine

Audit Firm «Rada Ltd» cooperates with the newspaper "Everything about bookkeeping accounting".

Our address:

Ukraine, 01015, Kyiv, 2/37, Leiptsigska Street

Tel: +38 (044) 254-27-91

Fax: +38 (044) 507-25-56

e-mail : office@afrada.com.ua

Additional information

Corporate values

Our relations with the clients, the employees and the partners are based on the corporate values

of Audit Firm «Rada Ltd» as our principles and methods of business.

Our values:

• Neutrality and independence in information assessment

• Professional competence and fairness

• Responsibility for result

• Argumentativeness

• Benefit of our services for the client

• Confidentiality

• Maximum independence in work

Audit Firm «Rada Ltd» Team aspires to be

of maximum benefit for our clients.

We always try improving our services and

we are never satisfied with what has already

been achieved.

We use complex approach, give maximum attention to details and individual needs of each client, try to solve quickly evident problems and determine concealed ones.

Our company’s motto is: we aspire to innovatory and advanced solutions!

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